Barcode Bakery’s latest release provides updates to support PHP 7 and includes several improvements that make working with our libraries easier than ever:

  • Namespace has been implemented. Instead of all classes being in the global namespace, barcode libraries can be found in the namespace BarcodeBakery\Barcode.
  • Barcode Bakery is now PSR-2 compliant, so the formatting is uniform with other PSR-2 compliant libraries.
  • Barcode Generator by Barcode Bakery is now PSR-4 compliant. You can now take advantage of autoloading of classes and no longer need to manually include files.
  • Barcode Generator libraries can now be installed using Composer.
  • Label placement has been adjusted for PHP7 to make custom placements simpler.
  • MaxiCode quiet zone issues have been fixed.
  • Various QR Code symbols have been updated.

The Barcode Bakery team is excited to offer these improvements that make our barcode generator libraries for 1D and 2D quicker, simpler, even more reliable and more consistent.

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